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How Beauty Of Space Could Elevate Your Fashion Style?


‘Blank space’ in the art means a space that is boldly left out. ‘Blank space’ in the art could end up meaning ‘omittance,’ but space could also deliver a component power to the audience with proper placement and temperance.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


“Blank space” is the core artistic effect in oriental paintings. The blank space accentuates an actual object drawn, and it delivers profound and abundant meanings of the drawing.

Space allows the audience to take part in the drawing. An empty space induces the audience to look at the painting once more and imagine what to put in the open space, making it much meaningful and fun to appreciate it.

Emptiness might seem like the artwork is incomplete, but on the contrary, the empty space is full of content and meanings.


“Blank space” means a possibility.


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When there is a space on a piece of paper,  you have a space to draw. A house can fully function as an accommodation because there is a space where people can live in. You cannot draw anything on a paper full of pictures and writing, and a house full of stuff cannot fully function as a home where people can stay.

The blank space means there is always a possibility to be used.

Korean women’s watch brand PAULVICE launched a new collection Kelly. The Kelly collection stands out with its beauty in space.

The emptiness between a rectangular frame and a round sunray dial accentuates the traditional Korean beauty of space. Kelly has a minimal design, but it is full of possibilities to utilize in your daily wear. Kelly goes well with both classic and modern outfits.



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